My Animation

 This is a school assignment. The animation for this scene is based on ep. 10a "Seeing Red" from A Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Season 1.

This is a Bill Tytla Sneak I did by following Richard Williams instructions.

This instead is NOT entirely my creation. Me and a bunch of  other students collaborated to make this a surprise for our teachers on our final year of our Animation program. It's a short movie that depicts our mentors as heroes in a land called Nemoland. Besides writing the screenplay and putting the storyboard together, I was in charge of a few animated scenes.

Here are the contacts to the people who worked on the video besides me:

Michele Manfredi -
Michela Tocci
Andrea Cenci -
Francesco Pellegrino
Lisa Cantini
Alessio Crispino -
Melania Campanaro -

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