martedì 23 giugno 2015

What is that floursack up there?

Since maybe not all of you are familiar with Animation, I think that maybe it would be useful if I explained the name of the blog. Frame is a technical term that indicates a drawing, a segment of a cartoon. Consider this: for every second of animation we require 24/25 frames. That's the minimum amount of frames needed so that our eye can perceive the drawing coming to life, therefore "animated". And what about the floursack in the header? Well, the floursack is a character that all animators have to deal with when they're learning animation, cause it's a character with no expressions and the goal is making the audience understand what the floursack is thinking and doing only by using its body. Floursacks create what we call Pantomime, which is acting without speaking. Carpet from Aladdin is an example of this! A year ago I tried my best to come up with a short animation depicting the Floursack and I came up with this.

I think you can tell I'm fond of a particular videogame I don't feel the need to name.

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