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The Pixar Theory or About the need of connecting everything

In 2013 Jon Negroni came up with a crazy theory about PIXAR movies. He believes that all movies are connected and take place in the same universe. It's well known that PIXAR likes to leave easter eggs here and there in their movies, and also hints to the next movie coming out. It's also common knowledge that some recurring elements keep surfacing in every PIXAR movie, such as the Pizza Planet Wagon,
 the code A113 (which is actually the classroom where many young animators studied at CalArts)
and the BnL company (Buy N Large).
But going from some simple "inside jokes" to an elaborate thesis such as Negroni's, requires a great amount of imagination. But I have to say that his theory is so well detailed and goes so deep into all movies that it makes it utterly believable.
Negroni's idea originated thanks to a comedy video on where some geeks dicuss the fact that all PIXAR movies are secretly about the apocalypse. After watching the sketch, Negroni started planning out his incredible theory.
It all starts in Brave, where Merida finds out about the will-of-the-wisps, a special magic entity that gives animals and objects human-like life. And there's a mysterious witch that knows of this magic and disappears through wooden doors and knows stuff about the future since she carved the Pizza Planet Truck out of wood.
As you see in the picture, she also carved Sulley from Monsters Inc. The witch supposedly is Boo, the little girl who made friends with monsters Sulley and Mike. According to Negroni, she never settled with the fact of losing Sulley and started mastering the magic of enchanted doors, to travel in different time periods.
The theory then goes on explaining how that the will-of-the-wisps gives people also supernatural powers, which brings us to The Incredibles. In The Incredibles, we meet Buddy, a wannabe superhero who creates sentient robots and invents Zero Point Energy.
Toys start depending on Zero Point Energy and become more and more aware of themselves and at the same time they acknowledge how important the love of humans is important to them. They understand that being abandoned by humans is dangerous for them (Toy Story 2) and a resentment against humanity starts growing among everyday objects.
Animals start changing as well (Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and Up): they become more curious and intelligent and they also feel betrayed by humans, who keep polluting oceans and experimenting on them.
In the meantime, humans go on a self-destructing path, starting huge greedy corporations like BnL, that in time become extremely powerful and also dangerous for the planet. The theory then climaxes and suggests that a war between humans and animals occured, where animals were beaten thanks to the help of machines. The balance on Earth is tipped and humans must escape the planet (Wall-E) leaving Earth populated by machines (Cars and Cars2).
Humans eventually will return on Earth thanks to the little robot Wall-E and they start populating the planet. That is why in A Bug's Life, we see so few humans: it takes place after this catastrophe.
And finally the creatures we see in Monsters University and Monsters Inc are nothing but mutated animals that start living on our planet, born from BnL radiations and human experiments.
To see how Inside-Out fits in this theory click here . We just have to wait to see if The Good Dinosaur can be a piece of the puzzle.

For more insight on this theory, check the official website: The Pixar Theory . It's really well done.
Pixar workers have stated that all of these coincidences are not intentional.

But my point is: why do we feel the need to connect everything? It might be because of the influence of comics and their shared universe. Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America all share the same world in comic books. But now that Marvel is creating a Cinematic Universe where all movies are connected just like the comics, everybody seems keen to see coherent universes everywhere. It's become a real obsession. Sometimes directors really try hard to connect their movies: Tarantino has his own Tarantinoverse; Kevin Smith created his own View Askewniverse.
It's probably all inspired by advertising purposes, so fans can spend hours and hours finding how everything is connected.
And here you can find some more shared universes.

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