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Adam "PES" Pesapane, animator and director

PES is a cook. But judging on the ingredients he uses, the food he's preparing is not very inviting: googly eyes, rubik cubes, toys, dice and playdough. But everyday objects become something totally different in his hands: rubberbands become delicious spaghetti, wool becomes tasty tomato sauce and rugby balls become savory cold cuts.

How does he do it? How can something made out of plastic or steel become an inviting dish? It all happens thanks to the magic of stopmotion. The recipes he makes up seem so natural that you almost want to take a bite of what you're seeing on the screen.

Adam Pesapane (1973) received his BA in English Literature at the University of Virginia, but then decided to become a storyteller and he is now a worlwide famous movie director and animator. His style his immediately recognizable. His shorts are all under 2 minutes. He is somewhat able to find the right object with the right shape and color to emulate what he wants. As I mentioned above, his favourite theme is food. After a few shorts that aired in many film festivals around the world, PES went viral in 2008 thanks to Western Spaghetti, his first food-based short. Bon appetit!

His next culinary project was Fresh Guacamole, which was nominated as Best Short Film at the 2013 Academy Awards: it is the shortest film to ever be nominated.

To complete his food trilogy, in 2014, PES released a new short by the title of Submarine Sandwich, have a taste!

PES is now working on two feature films: in March 2012 it was announced that PES would be writing and directing a movie based on the Garbage Pail Kids, the popular 80s trading card game designed to parody the Cabbage Patch Kids.

In September 2012 instead, WIRED magazine reported that PES is working on a movie called "Lost & Found" based on an original idea by PES himself. He's collaborating with Seth Grahame-Smith, writer for "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows".
Both movies will have his distinctive signature style.

PES has worked for many commercials. Here is nearly complete playlist. Check out his youtube channel for more videos.

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